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Friday, August 26, 2011


“Mirage”- A Man, An Artist
By Shametra McGregor on August 19, 2011

Dana, aka, "Mirage"
A man.
An Artist.
A purveyor of the culture. Some of his influences are James Brown, John Coltrane, Miles Davis,
Q-tip, and the entire Dungeon Family to name a few. He considers himself as “soulhop” (soulful hip hop) artist. Who are we referring to? The talented, brand pusher, the entreprenuer and the down to earth artist. The one and only “Mirage”

Mirage has captivating lyrical talents. Mirage raps about songs that give you an opportunity to rewind, reset and re-evaluate the question and purpose of just being. When asking Mirage what it was like being an artist. He replies, ” It’s an evolution. I really feel like it’s a challenge and I have to work just as hard to prove myself.” Ujima Magazine sat down with “Mirage” in the studio were many of his hits were created. Mirage was laid back, barefoot and very hospitable.

As we begin to listen to his latest project called, The Savant, which is a collection of songs from 2009-2010. The first track was called, “Blessed” (opening Prayer) by Reverend James Calahan. Now I am not sure if any of you reading this is a believer. However I will say, that when you put God before anything, you are destined to come out ahead. From the beginning to the end of the CD, the music was nicely arranged and each lyric was hand picked to take you on a musical journey of hip-hop, head bobbing and soul. While annointing your ear drums with straight up Guud-ness.

Ujima would like to thank you to “Mirage” for taking the time to interview with us.