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Saturday, July 7, 2012



Tha homie David Sha is back with a new video and single called "Her Hair" it's a anthem for those who wear natural hair styles. I first met David about 4 years ago at a show that local Austin artist Gidon had, I remember being impressed with his stage show and the energy he had. I also got this feeling that he had an old soul, like he was raised on some good old soul and blues music. I exchanged numbers and facebook and reverbnation info with him and we did'nt talk for about a 6 or 7 months. Then i started putting the song "Long Story" together and i thought about getting david on that song, so I got in touch with him via web and we had a couple of phone conversations about what the song was about. I emailed him the track with just 1 verse and no hook and he sent it back to me a week later. Again he put it down with his seemless soul singing and spitting. We got a great response from that song and the video and folk come out on rare occasion that we get to perform it (kinda hectic with him in Houston and me in Austin)

"Her Hair" is a great song, its very him. The video features his real life soul mate and his new son. I know David and his family on a personal and artistic level and I got a good feeling from this video, you can tell that all the folks involved had a great time making this video, it seems like everybody in this video knows eachother. I think this will be a song that gains David a more solid following. "Her Hair" is the anthem to promote the natural hair movement! The video displays innovative and stylish hairstyles that are sure to make you put down those harmful perms and expensive hair care products. "Don't remove the kinks from your hair, remove them from your brain" Marcus Garvey

Here is a short bio on David Sha

A native of Houston, Tx. David Sha brings a refreshing mix of philosophical spirituality & vivid urban truth to an industry lacking much substance. His love for music started in his grandmothers kitchen, as she sang gospel songs while preparing dinner. Growing up in the midst of a neighborhood notorious for drug dealing & frequent violence gave him a close look at the realities of " hood life". His unique upbringing has evolved Sha into an artist that has traveled the country & performed with the likes of Jodeci,The Isley Brothers,Tank,Silk, Brian McKnight,and more known artist. Influences include Jimi Hendrix,Stevie Wonder,Marvin Gaye,Curtis Mayfield, Rakim, Scarface, Busta Rhymes, Michael Jackson, James Brown,Prince.