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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


If you know anything about ATX hip hop history, especially from the late 1980s and early to mid 90s then you have to be aware of O.G. Fatal or M.C. Fatal or Mr.B as he has been know by in the past. I was one that always watched this cat from a distance yet i always looked up to Fatal and cats like Papa Chuck, DJ Casanova, Big Scar and many others that were pioneers in the local Austin hip hop scene. While Austins hip hop history does not get as much national exposure as the Dallas and Houston scene it is one that is rich with Hip Hop music. The thing about it is that most of the cats that were doing it on a local level have moved away to other cities or don't really talk about the early days of Austin hip hop. Meeting Fatal was quite an experience it was all that I expected and a bit more. I had to balance the time out. I wanted to pick his brain about the history of hip hop in the city but i also wanted to make sure that we got as many songs done as possible. I told him that he would have to come back and let me record his account of the early days of hip hop here in Austin. Anyway here is one of the songs that we got to complete called "Flyer Than I" it features Ghetto Angel and myself (MIRAGE512). This particular version will appear on Fatal's next album coming soon.

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